effects of weld line position and geometry on the

Effect of Laser Welding on Formability of DP980

Effects of weld line position and geometry on the formability of laser welded high strength low alloy and dual-phase steel blanks J. Li , S. S. Nayak , E. Biro , S. K. Panda , F. Goodwin , Y. Zhou


A poor weld macrograph (Oblique electrode force) 265 Effects of Electrode Deformation on 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel Weld Geometry of Resistance Spot Welding Figure 8. A very poor weld macrograph (Heavy expulsion) Effect of Electrode Dressing Initally the nugget geometry was formed according to the truncated type electrodes as shown in Figure 9. 2. Design of Welded Connections - American Welding shall specify the effective weld length and, for partial penetration groove welds, the required weld size, as de-fined in this code. Shop or working drawings shall spec-ify the groove depths (S) applicable for the weld size (E) required for the welding process and position of welding to be used. 2.2.4 Groove Welds. Detail drawings shall clearly

Calibration of Infrared Thermometer Position for Control

signal line used optical fiber tube. Fig. 3 shows the block diagram for control system on GMA welding process. The welding facility was chosen for the data collection and evaluation, Equipment to measure the distributions of the weld surface temperature was included infrared thermometers, arc monitoring system and desktop computer. Effect of MIG welding process parameters on weld bead and the effects of these parameters on weld bead geometry such as penetration, width & height have been studied. Mathematical equations have been developed using factorial technique.

Effect of weld line shape on material flow during friction

The rotating tool moves along the weld line, slightly grinds the steel surface on AS, and stirs a test piece on the RS. To understanding the effect of curvature, three types of weld were fabricated, as shown in Figure 2. As for the curve weld line, we need to consider Effects of geometry and injectionmolding parameters on May 25, 2005 · Weldline characteristics of structures with different crosssections are investigated in this study. The effects of process parameters and crosssectional dimensions on the tensile strength of a weld line are discussed. A mold was designed in such a way that specimens with and without weld lines can be developed separately.

Effects of tool offset, pin offset, and alloys position on

May 15, 2020 · Due to asymmetry of plastic flow on both sides of the welding line, material position plays a great role on temperature distribution, mechanical properties, and microstructure of joint (Shah et al., 2019). Many works have been performed on FSW of dissimilar metals but the effect of material position on temperature distribution and maximum temperature has been almost neglected. Exploring the electrodes alignment and mushrooming to 900 weld attempts using AC waveform, C-type JPC 75 kVA, Japanese made spot welder. So the electrode alignments and resulting mushrooming effects are nally analysed in this research as well as the weld geometry of dissimilar (carbon and stainless) steels. When considering such weld joints, the heat imbalances are very


effect on electrode life verses the cooling tube position within the ele ctrode holder. INTRODUCTION:Resistance welding is generally considered to be the most economical method of join ing sheetmetal. U n-fo rtunately the quality of such joints can vary consi d Fundamental investigations on the spiking mechanism by Jan 26, 2018 · Two frames out of a recorded high-speed video are shown in Fig. 3, corresponding to a stable [Fig. 3(a), with focal position 8 mm above the surface] and an instable process [Fig. 3(b), with focal position 5.5 mm below the surface] regime within a weld performed with a laser power of 0.75 kW and a feed rate of 4 m/min.

Influence of laser welding process parameters on weld

depths along the weld line. Lee et al. [6] have characterized with higher fusion zone depth to width ratio, cooling rate and porosity amount during laser beam welding process by varying power, welding speed and focal position. The effect of different inert gases on weld line appear- Investigation of the effect of tool geometry on friction Aug 30, 2014 · In this paper, effect of pin position (relative to tool shoulder position) on welded joint in friction stir welding (FSW) of aluminum 5083-O was investigated. FSW is a new solid-state welding process used to join metals and alloys (especially unweldable aluminums). To do this study, a FSW process was prepared by designing and fabricating tool and workpiece fixture and installing them on a

Investigations on effect of direction of welding on

to understand effect of weld direction; and start and end points on angular distortion of combined butt and fillet weld joint using gas metal arc welding. Seven different weld sequences are considered to study the effects. The geometry is modeled using visual mesh and simulated using visual weld. Methods for automatic inspection of weld geometrythat is to investigate how the welding position effects the welding result, examine future welding classes, and investigate a 3D-vision system for weld geometry. The vision system that was used is ATOS from GOM at Cascade in Göteborg. The weld piece is cowered in titanium oxide to prevent reflections from the surface. The

Non-Dimensional Modeling of the Effects of Weld

Non-Dimensional Modeling of the Effects of Weld Parameters on Peak Temperature and Cooling Rate in Friction Stir Welding y Transverse distance from weld centerline to reference position (m) z Vertical distance from top of workpiece to reference piece (WP) material and geometry, the backing plate (BP) material and geometry, and the tool Prediction and Control of Weld Bead Geometry in Gas For measuring the clad bead geometry, the transverse section of each weld overlays was cut using band saw from mid length. Position of the weld and end faces were machined and grinded. The specimen and faces were polished and etched using a 5% nital solution to display bead dimensions.

Residual stress effects on the propagation of fatigue

A fatigue crack growing in a weld can be under the influence of tensile or compressive residual stresses, depending on the geometry of the joint and the position of the crack tip. Under tensile re-sidual stresses, the crack tip is submitted to higher maximum and minimum loads resulting in a Effects of welding parameters and tool geometry on Effects of welding parameters and tool geometry on properties of They reported the effect of pin position on the temperature distribution and plasticized material from front to back of the weld line and accomplishes weld joint between the butted plates. A mild steel (St 52) sheet with the thickness of

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