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May 14, 2020 · 10.1055/b-0039-169257 17 Common Errors of Volar Plate FixationRobert J. Medoff, James M. Saucedo Abstract Treatment of distal radius fractures has changed dramatically since the introduction of the volar locking plate. As the number of volar plate procedures has increased, the type and frequency of complications have changed as well. Many of these complications are avoidable

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The DePuy Synthes 2.4 mm LCP ® Distal Radius System is a comprehensive plating system to address a variety of fracture patterns. With anatomically shaped plates featuring fixed-angle support and Combi holes, the treatment of dorsal and volar distal radius fractures is achieved. Instructions for use are found in the information that accompanied APTUS® Wrist - medartisAPTUS® Wrist. The wrist is a multi-articular joint. It consists of the carpus, distal ulna and distal radius. Fractures of the distal radius are the most common fractures in the human body. In recent years, great changes have taken place both in the treatment options of the distal radius and the patient demands which have increased.

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Dorsal Distal Radius Plating. Chris Martin, MD, (Salt Lake City, UT) demonstrates the surgical technique for fixing a distal radius fracture with the Arthrex® Dorsal Distal Radius plate. The Dorsal Plate is designed to be a low-profile option for fractures that require dorsal buttressing and reduction. The plate allows for variable angle locking and is available in narrow and standard widths. Distal Radius Fractures:Volar or Hand Surgery 2016 Keywords:distal radius fracture, dorsal approach, locked plate fixation, intra-articular fracture, complications 2 HAND obtained, and (3) fractures with associated scapholunate

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6 ADAPTIVE II Distal Radius Plates 8 FPL Plates 10 Hook Plates 11 Lunate Facet Plates 12 Rim Plates 13 Fracture Plates 14 Correction Plates 15 Volar Frame Plates 16 Extra-Articular Plates 17 Small Fragment Plates 18 Dorsal Frame Plates 19 XL Plates 20 Distal Ulna Plates 21 Fracture Treatment Concept 22 Technology, Biomechanics, Screw Features Geminus - Features Distal Radius Volar Plate, Dorsal Geminus. The Geminus range of orthopaedic surgical plates is a comprehensive and flexible system for the management of distal radius fractures. Medical professionals agree that in complex fractures using an internal fixation method is one of the most effective surgical approaches. These pioneering plates can increase wrist mobility earlier in

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surface of the radius staying distal to the watershed line and not precluding a proximal locking plate xation. Materials and Methods The study is based on a retrospective review of 23 patients treated for an articular fracture of the distal radius. Fixation was performed with the Hook Plates of the Aptus Wrist System (Medartis AG). Radiocarpal joint stiffness following surgical treatment Aug 11, 2020 · The locking plate is applied through an incision over the volar aspect of the wrist, and no dorsal approach was used. A standard flexor carpi radialis approach to the distal radius was applied. After exposure of the distal radius, reduction procedure was performed first, and volar locking plate with or without Kirschner wire was used to fix it.

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Sanchez-Crespo retrospectively reviewed 145 pa- 3 weeks of injury) distal radius fracture as diagnosed tients (fixed with either a Medartis Aptus Volar 2.5 mm on x-ray and/or CT scan with surgical fixation. Plate or Synthes 2.4mmLCP distal radius plate) and ana- lysed results of 95 of these patients [14]. Volar Locking Plate Fixation for Distal Radius Fractures Sep 01, 2020 · The HYBRIX plate has a unique locking system in which the distal first row of the plate has a monoaxial locking system and the distal second row has a polyaxial locking system. This plate has an anatomical design; the distal end of the plate does not

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Extra-articular distal radius fractures Simple intra-articular distal radius fractures Position Plate Distally Drill Distally Insert Subchondral Locking Pegs Align Plate with Shaft and Fix Proximally Size:Length:7 Hole* 48mm Left & Right * Special Order Complete articular support with volar, central and dorsal directed locking pegs Wrist Spanning Plate - jnjmedicaldevicesMay be preferred in distal radius fractures because it allows the plate to sit directly over the dorsal aspect of the intermediate column, directly in line with the capitate, lunate, and dorsal lunate facet. At least three screws each distally and proximally are recommended, with locking screws adjacent to the midsection of the plate.


Insert the Ø2.4 mm standard cortical screw (CT2.4Lxx) using the screwdriver (ANC575). 5. Insert two Ø2.4 mm locking screws (SDT2.4Lxx) in the most distal holes of the dorso medial plate using the polyaxial drill guide (ANC687) or the threaded guide gauge (ANC694) and the drill bit (ANC696). 6. aap Implants Inc Distal Radius/Ulna Plates 2.5Distal Radius/Ulna Plates 2.5. The LOQTEQ® Distal Radius Fracture Set includes variable locking plates for the distal radius and the distal ulna. The careful assembly in a compact set with consistent screw diameter allows for a wide range of surgical techniques and high intraoperative flexibility combined with ease of use.

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Volar Distal Radius Locking Plate that best accommodates patient anatomy and fracture pattern. Note The PERI-LOC Volar Distal Radius Plate Preoperative Templates (7118-0981, 7118-0982) are available to assist with preoperative radiographic planning. Volar Distal Radius Plate Preoperative Templates Cat. No. 7118-0981 and 7118-0982

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